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Backlink Checker Tool 

Top  backlink checker tools

There are free and paid options for spying on your competitors. Here are our tips for the top 10 backlink check tools:

 Majestic SEO

 Your return link verifier analyzes the web itself and does not use third-party data to transmit the information. You can use it to find back links pointing to your site or to a competitor, including the number of domains and the reference IP address.

You can also see the anchor text, the number of links below and more.

Majestic SEO is free, but it provides additional information on a paid subscription.


Sign up for a free account with Ahrefs and get a complete analysis of your backlinks, including the number of links, the origin of these links, the anchor text used, etc.

By signing up for a paid account, you'll get a more detailed analysis and track your progress over time. Of course, you get the same information for a competitor's website and can compare your progress to see where you can improve.

 Open the site explorer

Moz is another search engine marketing giant and Open Site Explorer is considered one of the best backlink analysis tools. Of course, it provides you with the number of links of a website, but also information such as the most recent links, the authority of the page, the spam score and the authority of the domain.

Free searches only give you a lot of information. With the payment account, you can create an unlimited number of reports, track links over time, and more.

 Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is part of the webmaster tools provided by the search giant. In the search console, you can go to "Search for traffic" and select "Links to your site". It displays links to your website, the most linked content, the sites that are most relevant to you, and the anchor text you use.

You can only use the Search Console to view the links on your own site. However, it is an important resource that provides updated information directly from the source.


SEMrush provides you with a large amount of important information about each URL you enter, including back links that point to the site. You can follow the websites of several competitors and get complete information about the links. However, you must register to obtain a payment account because the site offers a very limited number of searches.

 Backlink watch

Backlink Watch has been specially designed to spy on competitors. Get information such as total number of links, anchor text used, page rank, and more. You can also order through links established in dofollow or nofollow.

Backlink Watch is completely free and you can use it as often as you like.

 rank signals

Rank Signals is another free backlinks tester that contains a lot of useful information. In addition to the number of external links, the tool also shows the number of subscribers to the site on social networks, its Alexa traffic classification and its page ranking.

The tool is free, but you must create an account to get a full report.

 Open the link profiler

Open Link Profiler works like many other tools. Enter a URL and get a link profile. However, the information provided is much more complete, including the breakdown of links by age, industry, context, country, etc. This tool also allows you to analyze the links to delete to improve the scope of your page. There are many filters that allow you to sort the data as you see fit.

 Buzz Sumo

Buzz Sumo is a payment tool, but it provides comprehensive information on the links that bind to its competitors, the functioning of the content of these links and the most often shared pages. In addition to identifying links, you can also find out what type of content attracts most links.


Monitor changes to a Kerboo link profile. Find out how the website's ranking changes by adding high-quality links or removing links of inferior quality. The link profile will be checked daily and you will receive an email informing you of any changes. This tool saves you time and streamlines the process while monitoring links.

 Use these tools to monitor your own link profile and spy on competitors to find link opportunities to improve your site.

Best Backlink Service 

 best service providers for backlinks.

 Buy high quality backlinks

The best way to represent your site in the SERP is to create many high quality back links. Buy high quality backlinks with a strong team of SEO experts with over 15 years of experience in this field. They can help you master Google and include your website in the SERP.

Rocket Backlinks

Backlinks Rocket offers to put your site in first position of the SERPs. They offer backlinks service like edu, social networks, high pagerank, home page backlinks, web 2.0 backlinks, etc. They focus on creating natural and punishable backlinks.


Blackhat World is one of the largest companies in the world offering reliable and high quality backlinks. You can join them. Not only that, you can get several suggestions from them by joining their forum. You have a lot of experience in creating links.

 Management of links

Link management allows you to visit your page at the top of Google. They offer backlinks from PR1 to PR8 with a real build of backlinks. They are mainly interested in a one-way link building strategy that increases traffic from 10,000 to 30,000 per month.

 rank crew

Rank Crew's motto is: "Reach the top 10 places without touching your finger". They do not carry automatic backlinks. They believe in a strategy for manual link building. They receive powerful backlinks with favorable prices. Follow the most effective, natural and modern methods of link building.

 Blackhat links

Blackhat Links is one of the best backlink service providers in the world. They offer you to create credible links at competitive prices. Blackhat Links also makes sure you create powerful but safe backlinks that save you time and traffic. They serve thousands of customers around the world.

 Quality 4-U

Quality 4-U is a professional company that creates quality backlinks. You're sure to increase your website's ranking on Google by creating authoritative, high-quality, high-quality public relations.

 PR Checker

PR Checker is another leading provider of high quality backlinks. They promise you that there will be no low backlinks on your site. You make sure that a backlink PR 5 2000 corresponds to PR 0-1 backlinks. We believe it too. They insist on creating "slow and stable" natural-looking backlinks, because creating fast links using Google's algorithm can be a major punishment.

Youtube Backlink 

YOUTUBE  Backlinks: How to get legitimate links

Get a YouTube back link is crazy.

But keep your horses. Do not minimize this article and still go to YouTube.

I know what you think, but capturing YouTube backlinks is a little more complicated than uploading your URL in a few comments.

This allows you to create and monitor legitimate and valuable YouTube backlinks.

Types of YouTube backlinks

Creating back links to YouTube is a difficult process because most site links are called nofollow.

What is a Nofollow link?

To combat spam, Google has split back links between Nofollow and Dofollow. Nofollow links are not "tracked" by search engines and do not contribute to general SEO.

Technically, the nofollow attribute is written in the HTML code of some links to indicate to the search engines that this link should not affect the SERP range of the destination link. (What is a snack, right?)

Think about it:

Before the dedicated Dofollow and Nofollow links could locate the URLs of companies, individuals and spam bots, they were confused with the really valuable sites and had to appear first in the search engines.

Because social networks see a lot of shared information and published URLs, most network links such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are called nofollow.

Basically, if you want (backlinks), you have to work on it!

Rightly so, because YouTube's dofollow links are only passed on to websites that offer their audience real added value. As a consumer, you can be sure Google's high-value sites are because they deserve it.

So, how do you track down gold links on YouTube and bring the super powers of High Trust Flow to your website?

Create and link from a YouTube channel

The first step to creating backlinks from YouTube is to create a YouTube channel. Your YouTube channel is the source of your most valuable backlinks. Without him, you have no chance.

If you have not used video content as part of your marketing strategy, you should consider doing so.

Video (and YouTube) is a powerful way to connect to a new audience and present your brand in a new way.

Video content can help you improve your advertising campaign for your products and services. Images are useful, but using videos can make your business shine in a new light. You can not only show promotional videos, but also create and publish customer reviews, a corporate culture and tutorials.

Your YouTube channel serves as a collection of videos and sources of backlinks. That's why I recommend you jump for your brand.

Here you can place your URL to follow these dofollow links:

In the description (Click the Information tab to open the text box).
In the custom links. You can add an unlimited number of links here. However, make sure your primary URL or where you want to use the Dofollow backlink is in the first box.

The first link offered is one of two YouTube backlinks called dofollow.
The second place for a dofollow backlink is the associated website.

Once your YouTube channel is created and completed, visit to confirm your account. This "unlocks" your profile for a variety of additional configurations.

Then go to to access your channel setup. In the left menu, select Advanced and scroll until a linked website box appears.

Enter your main URL here (or where you want to run the dofollow backlink).

Create great video content

Video content creation is ideal for marketing and search engine optimization. With video, viewers go not only differently, but also see themselves as shared content. That means your audience can share them and create backlinks for you!

Excellent video content attracts, trains and engages your audience.

As I mentioned earlier, it can be tutorials and explanatory videos, customer reviews, corporate culture features, service demos, or videos of your customers using your product or service ( also called user-generated content).

The content of the video will fill your YouTube channel and will vary your marketing activities. If you do not know how to create videos, consider outsourcing projects.

Make sure one or two back links are included in the video description for each video you post.

Nofollow links can still be valuable for brand recognition and traffic.

If you discover a relevant video on YouTube, write a helpful comment and enter its URL. The same applies to competitors' videos.

These links do not necessarily contribute to the ranking of search engines, but consumers do not know the difference. From their point of view, all the links are the same.

Follow your YouTube backlinks

So you've created your YouTube channel, inserted your links, and uploaded great videos. You are real

No! Creating links to your website goes beyond the current links.

Tracking performance (and competitive activity) is also important - you know exactly how well your strategy works and can even generate new connectivity opportunities.

If you'd like to track the YouTube backlinks you've created and find out if they're providing you with the link space, you can follow Monitor Backlinks in all your backlink activities.

Get a glimpse of everything that goes on behind the scenes of your link profile with this indispensable tool.

Watch all your links and those of your competitors and you will be notified whenever something changes, for example when you or a competitor receive a new YouTube link or lose it.

Start with your control panel. This screen displays your keyword activity, new links added (showing all new YouTube links here), contest links, and link status changes.

The Backlinks tab displays a list of all links to your website.

To search for links on YouTube, filter From (where the return link comes from) and search for "YouTube." This will filter all your links to show only those you have received from YouTube.

Monitor each of these links and determine if it is a Dofollow or Nofollow link, as well as trust and citation flow scores (it should be very high for YouTube!), Possible Spam Flags, Ranking of Moz, Domain Authority, Page Authority and more.

In addition, each time you receive or lose a link, notifications make it easier to access your backlinks.

If you expect a return link to connect or something happens and one of your YouTube value links changes (or is completely removed), you'll know it immediately.

For serious backlinks, "Monitor backlinks" is essential to keep track of your link profile and find out if your link building strategy works, especially if you play with big dogs like YouTube.

Latest thoughts on YouTube backlinks

Creating backlinks from YouTube can attract more visitors to your website.

And it's not so difficult!

By creating a YouTube channel, inserting the right URLs, creating great video content, and monitoring backlink activity through monitors, your SEO can grow and take your site higher than ever before.

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