Best Seo Audit Software

Best Seo Audit Software 

 SEO audit tools

Search engine optimization plays a crucial role in popularizing sites in major search engines and placing search terms and landing pages. In general, we start referencing a website by first doing an SEO audit. The SEO audit process takes a lot of time and we have to analyze all pages of the site with the support of several technical tools. We can find many SEO review tools on the web to review and analyze the site and identify issues. We must produce a detailed audit report with all recommendations made to the website to improve search results and ranking.

Here are  reliable SEO audit tools


Woorank is an excellent testing tool for website analysis. This tool is very useful for site owners, SEO agencies and digital marketing companies. Woorank provides in-depth analysis of page referencing, out-of-page referencing, broken links, backlinks and searches for damaged web pages, and makes recommendations for improving site visibility and ranking.

Woorank offers free and paid versions, and we can download test reports in PDF format. Woorank reports are easy to understand and SEO consultants can easily solve site problems.


Raventools is a fantastic SEO software for digital agencies and SEO consultants. It allows to obtain quality reports presenting all the problems and all the technical recommendations of SEO. With this tool, we can get all the suggestions in terms of speed, design, reputation of social networks, Bakclinks and online reputation.

Raven tools provide a list of SEO tools to explore and optimize your website. This tool is easy to use to create audit reports, marketing and social networks. Raventools is the best option if you want to run marketing campaigns and improve the ranking of websites.


Semrush is another test and research tool that tracks organic keywords, competitive search, return links and keywords from CPP competitors. We can use the Semrush tool aggressively to track competitive data, and we can implement it in our SEO measures to improve the ranking of our website.

Here are the main features of SEMRush:

Discover the advertising strategies and the budget of your competitors.
Find the ad copy contest
Find the best publishers and advertisers
link analysis
Create effective advertising campaigns
Find the best keywords for SEO and PPC.
Compare with competitors
Export the complete analysis reports in Excel format.
Full audit of the site and monitoring of the position.


Moz is one of the leading providers of SEO tools and leading SEO agencies. Website owners use Moz products in SEO processes. SEO experts use moz rank, domain authority, and page authority as metrics, and consider when creating links to other sites. Moz offers free and professional tools for small and large businesses.

Moz offers a series of free tools:

Open the site explorer
Keyword Explorer
List of Companies
Business console
Research Categories


WebCEO is another powerful audit tool to identify all the problems encountered on the site. WebCEO is a SaaS platform used primarily to track and monitor SEM campaigns, manage links, competitive activities and keyword optimization.

Here are some key features of WebCEO:

Keyword optimization
strengthening links
competition analysis
SEO performance reports


SpyFu is an amazing tool to get the knowledge of competitors, and you can see the activities of your competitors. SpyFu is very useful for SEO companies and website owners for online marketing activities, digital marketing and sales. All we have to do is enter a URL on the SpyFu homepage and we will have all the knowledge on our website and on those of competitors like k
Words, backlinks, number of searches and more.

The main features of SpyFu are:

Organic search
Incoming clicks
Paid Search (PPC)
Main keywords

 SEO site verification

SEO Site Checkup is a free review tool that analyzes the entire site in 6 different categories, such as: in terms of mobile usability, SEO issues, networks and social servers, security and Semantic Web . It is a complete SEO tool that can be used to retrieve all data from search engines. It indicates the health status of the website, the performance of the website and the unsuccessful evaluations of the site.

The tool offers the following functions:

SEO tracking
SEO problems with the repair.
competition analysis
SEO information

 SEO audit tool found

Found SEO Audit Tool is very useful for advertisers and digital agencies to identify site problems and we can find a way to solve them. Just enter the URL in the tool to get all the audit details related to technical issues, content issues and external link analysis. We can download test results in PDF format for distribution to customers and third parties.


Seoptimer is an excellent free audit tool for detecting errors on the site. The tool recommends procedures to improve the search rankings of the site. We can also download the Google Chrome extension to check the sites of each site.

 frog screaming

Screaming Frog is a desktop program and tracking tool for analyzing the entire site. The tool provides useful information and finds website SEO issues when searching the entire site. Using this review tool, we can examine several parameters, such as: for example, sitelinks, outgoing links, meta-descriptions, anchor text, security, broken links, response times, alt tags, etc. The tool can search up to 500 free URLs.

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