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Are you tired of the restrictions of Google Keyword Planner? So you are exactly here.
Do you remember the good old days when GKP was great?

You can enter any "source" keyword and see tons of keyword suggestions and associated search volumes.

Here are some free keyword tools that can help you move your SEO without investing:

Google Trends;

Keyword shitter;

Keyword Swap Generator AdWord & SEO;

Respond to the public

Google correlates;

Keywords everywhere

Wordtracker Explorer;

Google Search Console

 Google Trends

Let's start this list with another useful keyword tool from Google: Google Trends.

Google Trends visualizes the evolution of search trends over time.

Enter a search term and you will see the relative popularity of this query in the last 12 months.

(This is information that we may not have received from Google Keyword Planner).

But Google Trends has another big thing in their manga queries.

Shitter Keyword

It does not take much imagination to guess the role of this tool.

Simply enter a keyword "seed" (or more) and click on "crap keywords".

Then he will do his job, so to speak.

Warning, this tool generates many suggestions of keywords.

I did it for about 30 minutes and I had about 20,000 suggestions ... and everything was happening!

It works by undermining Google AutoComplete.

 AdWord & SEO Keyword Swap Generator

This tool combines several lists of keywords in each permutation possible.

Here, the tool has put together my three lists of keywords in a list of permutations.

This is useful if you want to add transaction modifiers or information to a list of topics (for example, better, cheaper, purchase, etc.).

It can also be used for local SEO purposes.

Respond to the public

Answer the public for questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical letters, and related searches.

 Correlation of Google

Yes, another Google tool

Google Correlate finds in Google's own words search patterns that match real-world trends. trend correlations.

 Keywords everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a free module for Chrome (or Firefox), which adds search volume, CPCs and competitive data to all your favorite websites.

These sites include: Google, eBay, Amazon, Answer the Public, Keyword Shitter and more.

 Wordtracker Scout

Chrome extensions also include another great extension: Wordtracker Scout.

When browsing a web page, find the extension and the most important keywords appear on this page. (It's like a keyword density checker, but better.)

View data as a word cloud, which you can also edit to refine suggestions by relevance and number of words.

 Google Search Console

Most keyword tools (free or otherwise) are used to search for new keywords.

But what about existing keywords for which you already have a rank?

Is there no idea that we can learn from this?


The Google Search Console is therefore a tool for keywords not to be overlooked.

Best Free Keyword Research Tool 

The best keyword research tools for SEO

Keywords are one of the most critical and important elements of SEO.
The basis of SEO is the keyword search.

After that, other factors come into play, such as page optimization, content quality, quality of the user experience, user intent, and other factors.

Many companies invest thousands of dollars in keyword research to get targeted content.

The keywords in which you focus on optimizing your SEO (SEO) are critical to the success of your website.

There are many tools available to help you discover the keywords that work best for your overall Web strategy. There are two main types of keyword research tools:

Keyword Basic Search: 

Use the keyword seed to search for profitable keywords

Competitive Keyword Research: Search for reliable keywords that help other websites generate traffic.

Personally, I find that finding keywords by competitors is more effective because its goal is to find profitable keywords. What's more profitable than something that already works for someone?

All you have to do is create a page that points to this profitable keyword and take advantage of keyword research.

In this exclusive guide, I covered both types of keywords. Most of these keyword research tools are paid for and only a few are free.

Here is the list of tools listed below:

Google Keyword Planner







 Google Keyword Planner

Google's keyword planning tool is one of the most popular keyword research tools.

The only reason for its popularity is that it is free and integrated directly into Google AdWords.

To use this tool, you need an AdWords account (which you can create for free).

Features: The main functionality of the Keyword Planner tool is the detailed information provided by Google (the most important search engine).
Limitations: In a sense, it's also a limitation. If you want to know how your website or a particular keyword behaves in other search engines, you will not find it here.
Price: free of use.
Keyword Tool is a good basic tool for the first steps of SEO of a website.


SEMRUSH is not a typical keyword research tool. It offers much more than just searching for keywords.

Unlike other tools that require you to add basic keywords to start your search, just add your URL (or that of your competitor) here, and you will see all the keywords qualified for this site. ,

This makes it easier for you to find short and long tail keywords that can be used to target your competitors.

You will receive detailed information on:

Traffic statistics
search engine reports
CPC Adsense
and so many other details you need to properly manage an SEO campaign.
This is a highly recommended product.

 Ahref Keyword Explorer

It is one of the most popular keyword tools.

What I really like about them is the details, including the difficulty of the keyword. Ahrefs uses clickstream data to indicate the number of clicks received by the search engine. This is very useful after the integration of the knowledge graphs, because many keywords generate a lot of traffic but do not cause any clicks in the search engines. Indeed, they receive answers directly from the result of Google search.

Another element that distinguishes the Ahrefs keyword search tool is its excellent user interface and the amount of data it provides. You can also create a list of keywords to point directly from the Ahrefs panel. You do not have to use Excel. This saves a lot of time.

 long tail pro

LongTailPro is a cloud-based keyword research software and one of the most popular of this list.

It is a keyword payment tool that helps you find amazing keywords for your niche or specialized websites. With its "Platinum" version, you get a really surprising and very detailed keyword analysis.

You also have a quiz examiner that helps you choose the correct keyword.

 KW spectator

If you are looking for a tool exclusively dedicated to keyword research, KWFinder is the best option. They are new to the market and, nevertheless, one of the fastest growing companies for SEO tools.

KWFinder helps you get the keyword that will help you reach targeted traffic. With the keyword-based keyword search option, you can quickly find long-term keywords related to problem solving. There is no doubt that the resolution of the content will result in more specific traffic and conversion.

KWFinder offers free and paid offers. For most users, the basic plan is the best.

However, use the free account to see the effectiveness of the KWFinder Keyword Research application.


SpyFu is one of the best SEO software on the market. This is especially useful if you are trying to analyze and stay competitive in a narrow niche.

What you need to know about this:

Usage: SpyFu is very useful for two important reasons.
Knowledge of the SEO platform of your competitors.
Discover under-served, underdeveloped or emerging markets.
Features: SpyFu also has several modules.
Compare the web module
"Keyword History" module
Domain History Module
Module for associated keywords
Limitations: This program does not have the depth of the keywords used by some competitors, although that changes. In addition, SpyFu data is monthly and not in real time.

This is useful if you want to know more about the competition and find new markets.


Serpstat is another complete keyword research tool that I discovered in 2019. You have identified the best keywords.

The Serpstat tool keyword contains the following information:

search volume
Difficulty keyword

You can search for land or the Yandex search engine on The Keyword Trends section will help you understand what the search trend was for keywords.

A detailed section on keyword difficulties lists the top 10 ranked websites for the keyword, as well as details such as page rank, external links, and reference domains. This type of data is very useful if you want to perform an evaluation whether or not you can define the classification for a specific keyword.

For PPC users, the SERPstat keyword search page also shows the domains that point to their search keyword and the type of ads they promote. Something unusual in this list of the best keyword research tools.

Serpstat is used by small businesses to search for keywords, create new links and develop a strategic SEO platform.

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